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Good Food, Good Ambience, and Great Prices

We welcome you to our unique restaurant that serves classic Vietnamese dishes to tempt your taste buds.


Noodle King is an innovative and contemporary Vietnamese restaurant in Airdrie. Using local and seasonal ingredients, and taking great pride and inspiration from our Asian roots, we aim to cherish Vietnamese flavours in our dishes. We have taken inspiration and tried to incorporate the old cooking techniques to provide a true taste of Vietnamese flavours in our menu. From pho and vermicelli bowls to rice dishes and curries, we have tailored our menu to provide our customers with an unparalleled dining experience. Book a table now!

Why Visit Us?

The next time you visit Noodle King, don’t forget to grab a bowl of special beef noodle soup that is sure to satiate your ravenous appetite. Before that take a look at why we should be your go-to eatery:

Been in business since 2005

Licensed restaurant chain

Operate in both Calgary and Airdrie

Serve distinctive Vietnamese dishes

Exquisite Vietnamese Flavours

We are passionate about creating beautiful dishes that taste and cost good! From fried chicken wings to beef noodle soup, all the dishes from our menu are hand made with fresh ingredients and lots of love. Our comfortable dining lounge is the perfect place to enjoy your meal and make plans to come back again.

Call Us for Takeout

What’s cooking for dinner? Not in a mood to cook? Try our quick and convenient takeout services where you all need to do is call, place your order, and pick up your food.

Rustic Vietnamese Flavours

Our menu is full of delicious food at fair prices.

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